Why we should take national bike week as an excuse to get outside

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For those of us who do enjoy getting out for a cycle around the town, National Bike Week is a celebration for you.  Encouraging you push yourself to get out on the bike come rain or shine, cycle to work if you can, cycle to the shops instead of driving, get your stamina up and tackle that hill at the end of your road.  National Bike Week is a great time for you to get outside and enjoy taking different routes to places you would normally drive to.

Get your bike out of the loft and take it for a spin! To further encourage you to keep it out of the loft for more regular use, take a look at the bike storage options that Shedstore have to offer, keeping it secure, out of sight, but also accessible for when the days are nice enough to get out.

We do know that not everyone is an avid cycler, so if cycling isn’t quite your thing take a look at the reasons we have come up with to do some gardening this week instead.


Gardening Helps Personal Well-Being

In today’s world of deadlines, quick production speeds, and general stress, it’s not unusual for us to feel very burdened by the pressure of it all. Our hectic, around-the-clock lifestyles are the reason we’ve taken a turn for the worse in society and are feeling generally poorer about ourselves as a whole. However, this effect is something that can be countered by getting out in the garden and digging around in the dirt. It is a solitary, meditative activity that isn’t typically replicable in other activities. This is especially important for the majority of us who work in positions that show no immediate result to our labour. Gardens grow and thrive; they give us our need for seeing a project through to the completion phase.

Preliminary studies have also shown that digging around in the dirt can provide us with Serotonin that is otherwise missing from our bodies through the lifestyles we live. Of course, gardening should never be seen as a complete replacement for traditional therapies backed by national health authorities, but can certainly compliment them quite well.

Gardening can also be greatly beneficial to your physical well-being, by giving you routine exercise (especially if you are digging or turning soil!) to a good level. Getting into this routine can be a great way to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, and you get to eat all of the foods you grow which is often better than the foods you buy in supermarkets.

Gardening Helps the Bank Account

Gardeners at all levels are reaping the rewards that the activity can provide them. Much of this includes the financial savings that come as a result of growing your own produce. This is especially important for growing families with organic baby foods in jars skyrocketing in price and other baby necessities becoming even more expensive with every passing year. With more of us turning to growing our own produce, our bank accounts are now seeing healthier figures rather than depletion through our weekly trips to the supermarket.

Similarly, growing produce can help ensure more nutrients end up in our systems as conventional heating and preparation techniques destroy vitamin and mineral content in the name of consumer safety. This can help keep us healthier, for longer, for cheaper!


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