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Plastic stores can be the perfect solution for your garden storage needs: easy to assemble, low maintenance and durable, plus the variety of sizes and designs ensures there is a plastic store for every garden. Suncast Deck Box Side table (SHS19416): blow moulded construction has created a strong, double walled, durable resin side table with a hinged lid. Java in colour and a wicker lookalike, it blends into any patio area, modern or traditional. It is perfect for storing smaller items and obviously as a side table for lanterns, candles

The look, smell and sheer beauty of a wooden greenhouse is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Superbly practical with inherent good looks – a wooden greenhouse is a structure to cherish. Wooden Mini Greenhouse: this is a lovely way to get started in greenhouse gardening or if your garden is bijou. It’s ideal for the experienced gardener as well. All the timber in this 1.2m x 0.62m is pressure treated and therefore has a whopping 15 year guarantee against rot. The wide double doors allow easy access to your seedlings

There is a time and place when plastic garden storage is the perfect solution for keeping your gardening paraphernalia safe and snug. Plastic stores are easy to assemble and require little or no maintenance. They can also combine superb practicality with stunning good looks. What’s not to like? Wooden garden storage is great but does need regular maintenance. Repainting or re-staining is a must every couple of years on models that have been dip treated, but plastic stores at the very most need a wash down with warm, soapy water

A garage only becomes a great garage when everything is tidy, tucked away safely, and easily accessible. Simply throwing everything in and slamming shut the door isn’t good enough. And just think, with a little organisation there may even be room for your car. There’s a novel thought! Take a look at some of our top storage ideas.   It is easy to bolt and screw simple shelving to a wooden garage. Always make sure that whatever you use is securely fitted as the weight put onto shelves and units

If you don’t have a lot of spare space in your garden or simply want quick and easy access to your everyday gardening items, then a garden storage box is the perfect solution. There are plenty of styles to choose from, many use different materials in their manufacture, but all keep your belongings dry, safely tucked up and ready for use. Choosing a garden storage box Wooden storage boxes are a popular choice as they blend naturally into most garden settings, are robust, can be painted or stained to keep

Building your own shed may sound daunting, but when you order a shed from us, you’ll receive clear shed plans (instructions) for building your shed. Here are some example shed plans: Some top tips for you as you begin to build your shed: Before installing your shed, ensure your space is big enough. Sounds obvious – but it’s always good advice to measure twice and cut or install once. Foundations are essential if you want your shed to last for years. Plonk it on wonky soil and things will slip,

Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of wooden shed designs to cater to your shed storage and space needs. These come in a variety of sizes too. Have a look through our wooden shed designs gallery to see which shed is best for your needs. Need more help? Call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team and they’ll be happy to help you figure out which shed is best for you.   Traditional Apex Garden Sheds Nothing beats the traditional look of an apex shed. A mini-house designed for

The Utopian vision of working from home, relaxed by birdsong and the flutter of butterfly wings,  totally immersed in nature yet still producing results even the most ferocious of employers would reward is achievable – if you’ve got somewhere to work. That’s where your shed comes in. Adapting an existing shed to become a fully functioning workspace is relatively easy. First up you have to have a shed that is capable of taking the few adjustments. Be honest – if one side of your shed looks like Edam cheese thanks

When you’ve invested a significant amount of your pay cheque in a new bicycle, you’ll want to keep it clean, safe and in top condition. Perhaps that means keeping it in your house or your flat – if you have room. Most people don’t have the luxury of extra space for bike storage so it ends up in the hallway, leading to the inevitable knocks and scrapes against the walls which take their toll on both your bike and your paintwork. If there’s more than one bike in your household?

Choose from a huge range of garden games, from timeless classics to games for all ages. Get out and make the most of the garden with these fun, challenging and adventurous garden games that the whole family can enjoy. Giant Jenga Tower Big on size and big on fun, giant Jenga is eight times the size of the classic Jenga game. Build the tower then remove piece by piece without making the whole tower tumble down. Made from renewable sourced timber, the game comes in a coloured display box with

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