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July may be the height of the gardening season; it is a time of maintenance and harvest, giving you plenty of jobs to do in the garden in July. Garden maintenance involves adapting to the changing weather and completing the general tasks to keep and encourage the most growth in the garden. One of the most important garden tasks is watering; it must be watered thoroughly once or twice per week instead of little and often. Watering thoroughly will encourage the roots of plants to grow deeper in search of

Creating a no mow lawn is a great way to welcome natural habitats for wildlife, while also creating relaxing and beautiful places for your family to enjoy the natural world. Many people are choosing to reduce the size of their lawns for various reasons; some do it as a way to reduce the amount of water they use, some do it to reduce the amount of maintenance and time required for upkeep and others do it to reduce their overall footprint on the environment. The fact is returning an outdoor

It seems the world of today is at unrest, partly due to environmental damage and climate change. While there are macro environmental issues that are beyond the control of the average person, there are opportunities on a micro level that individuals can take advantage of to not only help protect the environment as a whole, but also provide themselves with some of the best and freshest food possible. Most people have the ability to garden sustainably in their own back garden with just a little bit of effort. Many gardeners

Any outdoor work is far easier with good tools. Purchasing the highest quality tools you can afford is generally a rule of thumb when it comes to gardening and outdoor work. Quality garden tools pay for themselves over time since they will have to be replaced less often and will also lessen the time required to complete your task. Good garden tools are not cheap, so you want to keep your tools in the best possible condition. Fortunately tool maintenance is fairly quick and easy and doesn’t cost you much

After the period of the autumn harvest has ceased, it is important to take proper care of the garden. Post autumn gardening is actually the first stages of creating a healthy and successful garden in the next growing season. One of the major tasks of this post-autumn gardening time involves winter pruning. Some people are unsure about pruning and may even fear they may cause harm to plants by pruning them incorrectly. However, pruning a plant the wrong way is often like getting a bad haircut; the hair will grow

Rose pruning is a measure taken to ensure that plants will have vigorous growth in the new season and so they will flower each year; it is one of the winter garden jobs that must be done. This is the ideal time for pruning flowering roses, though pruning roses can be done at any time during the time when the plant is dormant. Rose pruning now can even give a winter garden an architectural look as well as help to prevent long shoots from suffering wind damage. Follow these general

We’re sure that you will need a good, log fire this winter; you may have been preparing logs since early spring to ensure you have the best quality fire burning in these cold evenings to come. If you are not one of these professional log burner owners, don’t worry, you can be now! Here’s some information and top tips for storing and maintaining the firewood. Whatever wood species you use, it will burn more efficiently and be more convenient to use if it is properly seasoned! Good tips for firewood

Well, it’s that time of year again to clean out your greenhouse and cold frames, ready for next year! Refreshing that soil and cleaning those pots now, prepares yourself and your garden for the spring/summer that is ahead of us! Tip number 1: Do not use existing garden soil for your new pots, garden soil is too heavy and far too dirty. You know, weed seeds, bugs and their eggs, bacteria – the stuff you don’t want living in your pots! Potting soil is the key. Tip number 2: If

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