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Just because it is winter it does not mean people have to stay cooped up indoors. Britain has a number of winter gardens that are ideal for an extended weekend winter escape, a day trip to a winter garden, or just as a way to enjoy the winter outdoors. There is no need to wait for the warmth of summer to experience beautiful landscapes and wonderful plantings. So when Old Man Winter and Jack Frost have other people staying indoors, get out into the fresh air and enjoy one or

As summer comes to an end, our gardens and outdoor spaces are being abandoned in favour of warm nights in, curled up under a blanket in front of the TV. But just because the sun has gone into hiding, doesn’t mean you can’t still make use of your garden. These ten inspirational images from Houzz prove that it’s possible to make the most of your favourite garden features come hail, rain or snow.   Image 1 – source   A modern workpod is a great alternative to a home

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