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Earlier this month we caught up with Silviu from Frog Life to talk about amphibian conservation, habitats, and their Toads on the Road project. Check out the great interview below! Our interview with Frog Life 1. Why should the public be concerned with the conservation of amphibians in the UK? Worldwide, amphibians have been declining at an alarming rate, faster than other vertebrate groups such as mammals, bird or reptiles. In the UK there are few species compared to warmer climates but even so, the UK has very important populations

Recently we caught up with Geoff, the man behind The Guide to Gay Gardening. From keeping hens to making the most out of a smaller, urban garden – we talk about it all and everything in between. Take a look at our interview below. Our interview with The Guide to Gay Gardening 1) What would you say drew you away from the bustling city of London back to your gardening roots? To be honest, I’m a country bumpkin at heart! I originally moved to London for university, and had a

We caught up with the people behind Eat Seasonably, a website that focuses on growing your own or buying food that is in season. We chat about the benefits of this and how eating seasonably can cut the cost of fruit and veg, whilst tasting even more delicious! Check out the interview below. Our interview with Eat Seasonably 1) What are the benefits of seasonal eating and why should people start doing it? Any idea when courgettes come into season? How about cucumbers? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Research

We caught up with John to talk about our favourite, and underrated, fungal friend – the mushroom! Take a look at our interview below. Our interview with The Mushroom Diary 1. What was the driving force behind your passion for all things mushroom? It’s all about the ‘quiet hunt’ – apart from being enjoyable and (I have to confess) addictive, it can be very rewarding and enlightening. It’s not just the enjoyment of foraging for wild food, but also the opportunity to discover species I’ve never found before, followed by

We spoke to the great people at Capital Growth, London’s food growing network with over 2,000 members, about what they do and how to get involved. They strive to get everyone growing, no matter where they work, what they do or their age. Take a look at our interview with them below. Looking at gardening projects with Capital Growth 1. As London’s largest food growing network, you work with over 2,000 gardens across the city. Where are most of your gardens concentrated? Our member gardens can be found in all

Research has proved what many gardeners have known for generations – that gardening is good for your health! There are a lot of positive reasons to start gardening. Whether you’re struggling with stress and mental health or trying to be more active, look to gardening to help improve your health. If you’re a keen gardener or just like to potter in the garden each summer you will most likely already know that gardening is a great form of moderate exercise. After just 30 minutes of pulling weeds, planting new seeds,

The hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain’s wild animals. Known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ for their love of feasting on those pesky worms and slugs, hedgehogs can be spotted roaming our gardens at night but sadly the number of them in the UK is rapidly decreasing. So what’s happening to the hedgehog population? Why hedgehogs need help; Hedgehogs once thrived in the UK – in the 1950’s there were over 30 million of our spikey friends – but now this figure has dropped to less than a

With so much emphasis on environmental issues, now is the perfect time to take control and start making the change towards an environmentally friendly garden. Our gardens are often missed out when we think about becoming environmentally friendly and while many of us are starting to realise the importance of eco-living, making your garden eco-friendly is one huge step towards reducing your carbon footprint. What is Eco gardening? Eco-friendly gardening is the forward thinking methods which responds to the threats of climate change and focuses on reducing emissions which occur during

We caught up with Catherine Hughes, owner of the Growing Family blog about spending time on allotments and fitting gardening in around a hectic family lifestyle. Catherine is a firm believer in getting children interested in gardening from a young age and works with them in the garden to help encourage them to get more involved. Check out our interview below. Our interview with Growing Family 1. When did you first form an interest in gardening? When I was about 7 years old; my dad gave me my own little

Wild flowers are crucial for helping wildlife across the UK survive, so we caught up with the guys over at Grow Wild to find out how much of an impact their work has. Grow Wild is the UK’s biggest wild flower campaign and brings communities together to transform local spaces with native, pollinator-friendly wild flowers and plants.  Check out our interview with them below. Out interview with Grow Wild 1. Grow Wild is all about repopulating the UK’s wildflower population, having lost 97% of wild flower meadows since 1930. How much

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