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With this year’s Chelsea Fringe Festival fast approaching, we spoke to Tim Richardson again, festival director of the Chelsea Fringe Festival, to find out a bit more about what we can expect at this year’s festival. What to expect at the 2017 Chelsea Fringe Festival 1. This year’s Chelsea Fringe festival is only a month away, can you give any inside information about what to expect? The great thing about the Fringe is that we genuinely don’t know quite what to expect. Every year I am surprised and delighted by

Most sheds are big enough for your needs. Honest. It’s just they are crammed with broken garden furniture, antique paint cans and a miscellany of plastic sacks. Not to mention those pieces of random off cuts of wood that will come in handy one day. No, they won’t – so tidy up, go to the recycling centre, offer things on giveaway sites or even hire a skip to see what you’ve really got. Get rid of the old junk Once the rubbish is away from the scene, it is highly

Featured Image: Crispin Swayne & Paula Webb – Father Nature’s Co Directors Earlier this month we caught up with Crispin Swayne and Paula Webb, Co-Directors of Father Nature, to find out more about their community projects and how they connect people living in cities with nature. Check out our interview below. Our interview with Father Nature 1. You run a variety of community projects to help connect people in the inner city with nature. What are some of the key benefits you have seen from these projects? One of the

We managed to catch up with Tim Richardson, festival director of the spectacular Chelsea Fringe Festival, to find out how the festival came about, the planning and preparation that goes into each one, and what to expect for next year’s event. Check out our interview below: Our interview with Chelsea Fringe Festival 1. The Chelsea Fringe festival has been running for 5 years now. How did the festival start? I thought it up in bed one morning during Chelsea Flower Show week. I imagined an ‘alternative’ gardens festival where people could

Earlier this month we caught up with Phil Hesmondhalgh, Head of Communications at The Country Trust, to find out more about what they do and how important it is for children to get into the countryside and learn about food production and where their food comes from. Check out our interview below and be sure to take a look at The Country Trust’s latest video for more information: Our interview with The Country Trust 1. You currently work in 11 areas of England and Wales, are you looking to expand your

Featured image credit: Chris Lawrence We caught up with Leanne over at Wildlife Trusts earlier this month to take a look at the work they are doing, starting a wildlife garden, and educating children about the importance of wildlife. Check out our interview below. Our interview with Wildlife Trusts 1. How can someone find out if an area is under the management of The Wildlife Trusts? The Wildlife Trusts is a federated organisation, which means that there are 47 individual Wildlife Trusts across the UK working to protect wildlife in their

Earlier this month, we caught up with George Riley from Primrose about garden enhancements and how you can make a difference to your garden by using screens to adding water features. Check out our interview below! Our interview with Primrose 1. What is the simplest way to enhance your garden? The simplest way to enhance your garden is by adding a focal point that will get your guests talking. Let your tastes lead you to what this might be but go for something striking and a bit unusual. If you

Earlier this month we caught up with Silviu from Frog Life to talk about amphibian conservation, habitats, and their Toads on the Road project. Check out the great interview below! Our interview with Frog Life 1. Why should the public be concerned with the conservation of amphibians in the UK? Worldwide, amphibians have been declining at an alarming rate, faster than other vertebrate groups such as mammals, bird or reptiles. In the UK there are few species compared to warmer climates but even so, the UK has very important populations

Recently we caught up with Geoff, the man behind The Guide to Gay Gardening. From keeping hens to making the most out of a smaller, urban garden – we talk about it all and everything in between. Take a look at our interview below. Our interview with The Guide to Gay Gardening 1) What would you say drew you away from the bustling city of London back to your gardening roots? To be honest, I’m a country bumpkin at heart! I originally moved to London for university, and had a

We caught up with the people behind Eat Seasonably, a website that focuses on growing your own or buying food that is in season. We chat about the benefits of this and how eating seasonably can cut the cost of fruit and veg, whilst tasting even more delicious! Check out the interview below. Our interview with Eat Seasonably 1) What are the benefits of seasonal eating and why should people start doing it? Any idea when courgettes come into season? How about cucumbers? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Research

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