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Garden sheds usually play home to a variety of garden tools and equipment, but these people have stored some very interesting items in their’s, some without even knowing it!  We tracked down some of the best things that people have found in their sheds and put them into a fun list for you to check out. So without further ado, we start our list off with: Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 5: A 10ft Church Organ Alison Malcolm went out of her way to protect her 10ft

Lads garden log cabin retreats With the world cup approaching fast, you need a space where you can sit and enjoy the matches without upsetting your family. We all know England is going to lose, again. What better way to see them lose than in your log cabin with your mates? What you need is a spacious cabin that you can furnish whilst have space for working and storage. You will need an electricity source which will allow for a TV to be placed in the shed or alternatively a

With the children off school and the weather starting to heat up again, Easter is the perfect time to get children involved in gardening and outside enjoying the fresh air.  Here we give you five great activities to encourage the children to get outside and enjoy their time off school:  

Welcome to Shedstore

Welcome to our newly redesigned site, we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a great site that is user friendly. Although the basic navigation options may seem familiar, we’ve overhauled how this works, for your benefit. We still have all the same great products and one or two additions, why not have a browse. As we approach Christmas, we have a bunch of great products which make really interesting gifts. You could get a brand-new shed for Dad or some of our garden games for the kids. Our grow

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