The best shed storage ideas to try this summer

Installing a shed is only part of getting the best from your garden. Making full use of all available space within the shed is of paramount importance. Hooks will keep bulky, unwieldy items off the floor and make use of wall space. Shelving, pegboards for tools and any sets of drawers all help keep gardening items neatly stacked away. Keep hand tools and anything you use on a daily or weekly basis to hand. Less used items can be stored in corners and hard to reach spots. And only store what you use. Don’t let your shed become a dumping ground for rubbish or a museum to old paint pots. Keep it pristine and clean.

Tool Racks

You can invest in a purpose made tool rack for your shed or even make your own with off cuts of wood. But whatever you do, it is always best to get those tools up off the floor and safely away.

Make the Most of Doors

Doors are often overlooked as a source of shed storage space. With clever racks, DIY tool storage or even just a series of hooks, you can take advantage of this forgotten space.


Storage Solutions

From the usual shed storage, such as corner shelving and magnetic strips, to the more inventive, such as PVC tubing for your power tools or trellis for longer items, there is a wide variety of shed storage to explore.

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A Tidy Shed is a Beautiful Shed

With great storage solutions and a splash of colour, your shed storage will be the envy of every gardener, DIY enthusiast and fastidious organiser around.


Shed storage solutions will make you fall in love with your shed all over again.

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