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Whether you’re growing a bountiful vegetable garden for your own produce or want to have beautiful flowers surrounding your home all year round, the key to your garden’s success will significantly be impacted by the kind of soil it’s growing in. Simply put, the healthier the soil is, the healthier your garden will be. Though some of the best ways to enhance the nutrients of the soil is to add compost, fertiliser, manure, and other environmentally friendly nutrients, it’s important to determine what kind of soil you already have, as

Any outdoor work is far easier with good tools. Purchasing the highest quality tools you can afford is generally a rule of thumb when it comes to gardening and outdoor work. Quality garden tools pay for themselves over time since they will have to be replaced less often and will also lessen the time required to complete your task. Good garden tools are not cheap, so you want to keep your tools in the best possible condition. Fortunately tool maintenance is fairly quick and easy and doesn’t cost you much

After the period of the autumn harvest has ceased, it is important to take proper care of the garden. Post autumn gardening is actually the first stages of creating a healthy and successful garden in the next growing season. One of the major tasks of this post-autumn gardening time involves winter pruning. Some people are unsure about pruning and may even fear they may cause harm to plants by pruning them incorrectly. However, pruning a plant the wrong way is often like getting a bad haircut; the hair will grow

Just because it is winter it does not mean people have to stay cooped up indoors. Britain has a number of winter gardens that are ideal for an extended weekend winter escape, a day trip to a winter garden, or just as a way to enjoy the winter outdoors. There is no need to wait for the warmth of summer to experience beautiful landscapes and wonderful plantings. So when Old Man Winter and Jack Frost have other people staying indoors, get out into the fresh air and enjoy one or

Rose pruning is a measure taken to ensure that plants will have vigorous growth in the new season and so they will flower each year; it is one of the winter garden jobs that must be done. This is the ideal time for pruning flowering roses, though pruning roses can be done at any time during the time when the plant is dormant. Rose pruning now can even give a winter garden an architectural look as well as help to prevent long shoots from suffering wind damage. Follow these general

Children are naturally very impressionable and often take up new hobbies or pick up new skills more quickly than adults. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that you inspire your children in as many ways as possible, and encourage them to try new things on a regular basis. Gardening for children, for example, is a healthy hobby that they can learn to enjoy at a very young age, as well as benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. In addition to being a healthy hobby,

Garden sheds usually play home to a variety of garden tools and equipment, but these people have stored some very interesting items in their’s, some without even knowing it!  We tracked down some of the best things that people have found in their sheds and put them into a fun list for you to check out. So without further ado, we start our list off with: Weirdest thing to find in a shed number 5: A 10ft Church Organ Alison Malcolm went out of her way to protect her 10ft

As summer comes to an end, our gardens and outdoor spaces are being abandoned in favour of warm nights in, curled up under a blanket in front of the TV. But just because the sun has gone into hiding, doesn’t mean you can’t still make use of your garden. These ten inspirational images from Houzz prove that it’s possible to make the most of your favourite garden features come hail, rain or snow.   Image 1 – source   A modern workpod is a great alternative to a home

Lads garden log cabin retreats With the world cup approaching fast, you need a space where you can sit and enjoy the matches without upsetting your family. We all know England is going to lose, again. What better way to see them lose than in your log cabin with your mates? What you need is a spacious cabin that you can furnish whilst have space for working and storage. You will need an electricity source which will allow for a TV to be placed in the shed or alternatively a

With the children off school and the weather starting to heat up again, Easter is the perfect time to get children involved in gardening and outside enjoying the fresh air.  Here we give you five great activities to encourage the children to get outside and enjoy their time off school:  

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